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Calendar of Events

The calendar of events contain information about upcoming board meetings and department meetings of the Sunflower Health Network.

If you have a question about an event listed, please contact Heather Fuller at or call 785-452-6102.

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Certification Courses & Training

The certification calendar provides training and certifications information that is scheduled and held throughout the Sunflower Health Network.

To request additional information, suggest a training topic or or have a question about a class, please contact Heather Fuller at or call 785-452-6102.

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Strategic Priorities

- Improve access to specialist physician care throughout the region.

- Reduce hospital vulnerability to changes in Medicare reimbursement policies.

- Optimize timeliness and safety of inter-hospital referrals and transfers.

- Sustain adequate number of quality nurses (and other key professionals).

- Optimize patient care quality within each member hospital.

- Improve the capacity to share electronic patient care information.

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